Nacho Arias

Is a company created by Nacho R.-Arias in the spring of 2012 after more than 25 years of expertise guiding hunters in all the game reserves across Spain, both in the big game and the partridges hunt, what attests our success. Our goal is to organize every hunt in order to meet each kind of hunter’s expectations.

That is why –always under Nacho R.-Aria’s surveillance- we customize the hunting expeditions according to the client’s needs and we choose the appropriate area for each species: Spanish ibex in Gredos, Beceite, Sierra Nevada, and Ronda; Pyrenean and Cantabrian chamois,Red deer, Fallow deer, mouflon sheep, Roe deer, wild boar, wolf, Barbary sheep, and Balerian goat.

This cynegetic activity is combined with touristic sightseeing in Spain and its wonderful gastronomy.

The company is set in the region of Extremadura, where you can find the famous towns of Cáceres and Trujillo, both listed as World Heritage sites, located in the foothills of Sierra de Gredos and very close to Portugal.