Do take advantage of your stay in Spain and get to know one of the countries with the biggest number of World Heritage Sites designated by the UNESCO. We invite you to discover cosmopolitan cities such as Madrid and Barcelona, as well as the most wonderful corners of our geography.


You will be able to admire Roman Empire wonders such as the aqueduct in Segovia; the best preserved Arab citadel in the world, the Alhambra in Granada; enjoy over 7,500 km of seaside and almost 2,000 km of beach. There is a reason why this is the third most visited country in the world.


Being a melting pot of cultures, Spain also offers an impressive gastronomic variety. From great restaurants holding Michelin 3 stars to the most hidden villages where you can enjoy the traditional tapas, paella and tortilla de patatas. You will have the chance to taste Mediterranean cuisine, Iberian ham, endless types of meat and fish and renowned Spanish wines – that you can discover in guided tastings – and everything will leave an indelible memory.


When it comes to accommodation, we only choose high-range hotels – even located in historic buildings – in order to make your stay absolutely satisfying. Unwind in your room after a hunting journey and enjoy every convenience.