Travelling with firearms to Spain
  • Contact the Spanish consulate of your state, they will provide you a form to fill.
  • Once you have it, please send us a copy. We will need a copy to start here the procedure.


Spain is located in the middle latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere temperate zone. This zone has a great climatic diversity. We hunt over different places around the country with mild temperatures around 15 °C, other exceeding 30 °C, especially in summer, and sites with a damp maritime climate with abundant rainfall.

Hunting equipment

The clothing should be composed by:
Hiking boots, Socks, Hunting pants, Cotton T-Shirts, Cotton Shirts, a polar vest and a fleece.
Don´t forget to bring a hunting backpack and binoculars.

Trophy Shipment

We will personally transfer them to our local taxidermist. After he clean and treat the trophies we will contact you to start the shipment.
Hunting Shows
We are members of Ovis, Dallas Safari Club, Wild sheep Foundation and Safari Club International. You can find us in the annual hunting shows celebrated during January.