The Spanish red-legged partridge, is a beautiful and strong bird, due to its impressive flight, it is very appreciated by shooters. The flight speed and highness depend on the terrain and wind. A hilly country allows high and fast flights, providing the most challenging drives. Extremadura offers an excellent rugged and brushy terrain, where partridges fly over 40m high. Natural blinds and the contour help taking advantage of wind direction.


  • Our hunting range is known for its high-quality partridges and its unbeatable shooting conditions, attracts every year excellent shooters from all over the world.
  • We offer you the opportunity to spend an unforgettable hunting day, where you can stay in a wounderful castle that will make your stay very cozy.
  • The hunting season cover the period from October to February.
  • All the hunting positions and hunters will be supported by a secretary and a assistant who will charge the guns.
  • Each drive start with the drivers pushing the birds to the hunting line from a long distance. We used to do 4-5 drives per hunting day, making a break in between of them for have a drink and some appetizers.